May 20th, 2014

Gusto Knutsford Review

By Charlotte Louise Taylor

Gusto Knutsford Review

You may remember, a month or two ago, that I had a sibling date with my younger brother, James, at the amazing Gusto in Knutsford. If you don't remember, you can read it here.

It was so nice to spend some time with him, without everyone else around for once. And when Gusto invited us back for round two, to try the new Spring/Summer additions to its already brilliant menu, we were on it faster than you could say: "Can we order cocktails please?"

The last time we went, it was considerably colder and darker, but Knutford was looking absolutely beautiful last night. The good, old North was being treated to some sunshine and we couldn't be happier about it. Sometimes, you just need a little sunshine to brighten up a Thursday evening.

We hadn't even walked through the door and the amazing fellow on the left, was outside and shaking our hands. He, and his chum on the right, absolutely made our visit last time. Not only are they they best double-act going - making children giggle (and me too actually) - but they just make you feel looked after. Nothing was too much and I loved how they would be completely honest if I asked them what they'd pick out of two dishes, because I'm so indecisive.

We were seated in the conservatory part of the restaurant this time and I was so happy to be there. There were fairy lights dotted around everywhere and there was a lovely view outside of the window.

Around us were plenty of happy people eating - it was packed for a Thursday. We noticed two friends catching up over big bowls of pasta, a 'meet the girlfriend' meal happening, with a young couple who looked really happy and equally nervous. We had a family getting excited over cocktails to our right and then, just across from us, was a lovely couple and one of their mothers.

While James nipped to the loo, we got talking and they asked me if I was a journalist. And I laughed - because I used to be. I explained about my blog and they were so interested and lovely and they really made me smile.

Then, as James came back, the gent turned around and said: "Sorry to ask, but have you been on national television?" And I said I didn't think so. And he said: "You must have been. I recognise you from something mummy-related!" And it clicked that it was the Bounty and Fiat 500L filming I did! What a small world! Their daughter has a 500L and they'd watched it out of curiosity.

James laughed his head off and said it was so surreal. And it reminded me how blessed I am to have this blog and to experience the things I do.

So naturally, when our cocktails arrived, we toasted that!

Gusto Knutsford Review

As always, choosing was difficult. There are so many cocktails to choose from and I really could have done with having one of each. Shame I've never been one to handle my tipple very well!

I chose the Prima de Cina, because I really have got a think for the strong stuff (probably why it doesn't take many to get me tipsy!) and James, in all of his manly glory, chose a Passionfruit Mojito.

And oh my word, they were gorgeous. Mine was strong, syrupy and slightly bitter, and James' was summer in a glass. I even made a little gif of his cocktail enjoyment for you below - considering you enjoyed his charming good-looks so much last time!

Gusto Knutsford Review

At the suggestion of the wonderful staff, we started with a little nibble of the two beauties above - bruschetta with crushed peas, mint and chilli and tomato and avocado. I could not choose between them - we shared, we've always done that, even when we were little.

Then, because we were going all out and being greedy, we chose a starter each. I went for the fried Pecorino and James went for the crisp baby gem, Speck ham and tonnato sauce. We weren't sure what tonnato sauce was but a quick Google told us it was Tuna-based and James absolutely loved it. I ordered the Pecorino because I was curious to see how a cheese that isn't known for melting fared when fried. But it was amazing. Salty and very Halloumi-esque. The tomato chutney was the perfect accompaniment to it too.

Gusto Knutsford Review

Next up were the main courses and my goodness, they were lovely. I had the lovely, fresh and Spring-like risotto with asparagus, peas, fagioli beans and truffle oil. This was so beautiful but I was too full to finish it! James happily cleaned my plate for me though, after wolfing down the seared tuna steak in a balsamic and soy marinade, served with a fennel and orange salad and green gazpacho. He was in heaven and kept trying to make me try it, but, as a seafood hater, I was quite happy to leave him to it.

I finally got to try an espresso martini and, oh my, it didn't disappoint. Who could fail to be impressed by creamy coffee, vodka goodness?

Then, despite feeling like I was going to pop, we both decided to go for a dessert this time. And as you can see from the photo above, I was quite impressed with my Gusto Bellini, which was a peach and Prosecco jelly with a Prosecco foam. It was beautiful, light and made me feel like a grown-up.

James went for the chocolate mousse and the salted caramel and cappuccino cream and, I have to say his was better. Thick, indulgent and perfect if you are in love with chocolate in the way that we are.

So, complete with a smiley face on our very reasonable bill, and a carfie (car selfie for those not as sad as us) we left a very happy sibling duo. We were saying in the car that we'd love to bring our parents here next time, because they'd love it. It's not often you get to visit somewhere where all of the boxes, from staff, to service, to taste and cost, are ticked, but at Gusto, we really felt at home.

Just without the washing up! Which is always a plus!

If you are around these parts (good old Cheshire) you may already know of a few Gusto restaurants. There's also one in Liverpool, Edinburgh and Newcastle too. I would definitely recommend you grab your sibling, or even mum (don't forget it's Father's Day soon) and enjoy yourself. With cocktails and a shed-load of food, our meal came to around £60.00, which, considering how brilliant the food was, is something I would gladly pay again.

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