July 28th, 2015

Artisan's Tinned Beer Appeal

Written by Jonathan Schofield Thursday, 9 July 2015 09:42
Manchester Confidential

Jonathan Schofield and the cans of fame
Artisan's Tinned Beer Appeal
I WAS in Earls Court and I was surrounded by Aussies. It was the eighties and I was eighteen on a five-month mission to 'do' Europe. The night before I'd stayed in some Earls Court doss house and gone to a nearby pub filled with Crocodile Dundees who were to a man ignoring the cask ales and tucking into cans of Castlemaine XXXX.

I found it amusing that these beefy boys should prefer tinned beer to the real McCoy. I said so out loud which was a mistake because those happy-go-lucky Dundees ganged up on me and chucked me out of the pub - literally. Apparently they couldn't give a XXXX for my Pommy opinions.

The only other tins-in-bars experience I've had is in the Press Club in Manchester. This late-night speak-easy has an interesting notion of beery choice. They have a wide range of Red Stripe. Nothing else.

Artisan in Spinningfields has now flipped their lid for canned beers and despite my trepidation the experience was great fun. The design on the cans are particularly jolly, even artful, despite a certain familiarity with the brands such as Estrella Damm, Asahi, Moretti and so on.

The more entertaining brands combine good flavours and strong character. Try the Hobo Czech lager or the IHL with its IPA lightness of touch and dryish finish. The Sly Fox Helles is entertaining with big flavours while the American Snakedog IPA is a little snappy cracker. The Neck Oil lives up to its name while the Lucky Jack from Norway is a fruity little number.

I even tried a cider for the first time since I was eighteen and on the way to London to be bounced out of an Earls Court pub. I loved it as well. Weston's Caple Road is the name and it's a proper smokey number.

If you want an diverting excursion in life's continuing project to study all manner of beers (and cider) Artisan has it in the can. Makes for a pleasant change.

Artisan, Avenue North, 18-22 Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BZ.



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