July 28th, 2015

Lunch with Aiden Byrne

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By Yvonne Goldsmith-Rybka

Lunch with Aiden Byrne

Manchester House opened in 2013 and over the past two years has established itself at the forefront of the city's fine dining scene. Personally, this was my fourth visit, although my first time for lunch. I think a lot of people, including myself, see the venue as a place to book dinner for that very special occasion (which it is); but what this visit has highlighted is that it should be a restaurant to consider for lunch. For food at this level, £27.50 for three courses is bloody good value; and more accessible for those on a budget who worry their purse strings won't quite stretch to a twelve course dinner.

It's also worth knowing that anyone can book the Chef's Table with Aiden and his team on full view (yes, he actually does cook here!) where he and his chefs explain the various dishes and techniques; this is food theatre at its best and any foodies' wet dream. If you can, opt for the tasting menu with matching wines as it's well worth it.

Our lunch dissected:

Crab Risotto - Castro Martin Albarino 2013, Spain

This used the brown crab meat which gave a very intense, rich flavour; the puffed rice on top added texture. Paired with a Spanish Albarino with distinctive aromas and flowery character.

Lunch with Aiden Byrne

Grilled Carrot and fennel, Skyr Yoghurt and Wild Boar Ham - Cave De Hunawihr Pinot Gris 2013, France

A delightful dish and looked like a piece of art! The iron aged pigs dark meat was almost gamey, and what this kitchen can do with a simple carrot is mindblowing, the puree containing pure essence of carrot like an eau de parfum! Beautifully paired with a sweet Pinot Gris.

Lunch with Aiden Byrne

Red Mullet, Leek and Potato, Shellfish Consommé - L.A.S. Vino Chardonnay 2013, Australia

Soft flaky mullet in consommé from its bones with seafood fricassee. Paired with an exclusive Luck Art Science Chardonnay which produce only 3000 bottles per year.

Lunch with Aiden Byrne

Squab Pigeon, Scottish Girolles and English Broad Beans - Pinot Noir Spatburgunder August Kesseler 2011, Germany

Fantastic looking dish with pigeon claw! Roasted breast, confit legs, heart and wings. With the best, greenest broad beans ever! Paired with a very earthy Pinot Noir.

Mango and Lime Parfait, Summer Fruits, Strawberry Sorbet - Sauternes Chateau Petit Vedrines 2011, France

Some fantastic flavours and textures, the tastiest raspberries and strawberries, although I've never been one for a parfait and not even Aiden Byrne and his pastry chef Dominique can make me enjoy its' texture with the cold temperature! Paired with a very good, not too sweet Sauternes.

Chocolate, Cherry and Chai - Plum Sake, Japan

A ‘sweet & sour' dessert with the most wonderful chai tea ice-cream. Paired with a rather intriguing sake tasting of burnt caramel and plum.

Thank you to Jo Houlcroft, Aiden Byrne, and all the team at Manchester House for what I can only describe as one of the best lunches I have had in Manchester. In my opinion, with each visit the food has improved, and the kitchen now runs like clockwork; it was an absolute privilege to see it perform this close up.

Y.G.R. Erskine



The Chef's Table seats up to 6 guests and is available for lunch and dinner.

(Guests must order the 6 or 12 course tasting menu for lunch, and the 12 course tasting menu for dinner)

Lunch in the restaurant

2 courses £22.50

3 courses £27.50

6 courses £60

6 course wine flight £35





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