March 31st, 2016

Alchemist Spinningfields Restaurant Review

By forkwardthinkingfoodinista,

Alchemist Spinningfields Restaurant Review

The Alchemist at Spinningfields member of the Living Ventures Group has not only undergone a recent refurbishment, but has just launched their new menu. Rave reviews led me to pop along over the Easter weekend to see what all the eggcitement was about.

Immediately greeted by friendly staff that displayed authentic smiles, genuine enthusiasm and eagerness to get the Alchemy off to a remarkable start. There was a clever contradiction in which the atmosphere was a high energy social hub yet there was an underlying chilled vibe about the place. Jake our server confidently and professionally made his introductions. Even through a busy service managed to be personable and attentive throughout. Jakes knowledgeable recommendations were accurate and enhanced our experience. For Jake, going the eggstra mile seemed the norm!

Alchemist Spinningfields Restaurant Review

In reverse order, both the chocolate fudge cake dessert and fillet steak main course consisted of high quality ingredients cooked well. Served simply, but classically. Perfect! For me the stand out dishes of the evening were the starters! Sharing style nibbles that really brings people together. Duck spring rolls were crispy, crunchy, and generously filled, no grease in sight. Served with a hoisin dipping delight. Pork bon bons served in a crispy crumb coating. Once bitten, delicious tasting well-seasoned shredded pork filling was to be enjoyed. Served with a wonderful wasabi mayonnaise. Vegetable gyoza parcels, delicious, fresh and clean on the palate. A real victory was the salt and pepper chicken wings, usually disappointed when I order these outside of china town, but they were real authentic yumminess! The Parmesan Popcorn needs no introduction, pure perfection! A must try! The food is no nonsense, no fuss and the overall presentation style clean and simple. The food offerings are a good place to start your alchemist adventure, prior to commencing tastings of the magical concoctions and innovative cocktail creations.

We were handed a drinks menu and to say ‘extensive' was an understatement. The menu featured high quality spirits, champagne, non-alcoholic beverages and admittedly my reason for attending the cocktails. The colour changing one served in two glass conical flasks reminded me of equipment out of the old school lab, but this was far from a dull chemistry lesson and was more synonymous with a potions class at Hogwarts. Delivered visual impact, with plumes of smoke and colour change stages from yellow to pink!

Alchemist Spinningfields Restaurant Review

The mad hatters tea party sharer for two, a fresh zesty delight, served in cute china tea cups and saucers, amidst clouds of theatrical smoke transported me to the Alice in Wonderland tea party. Except there were no mutters of "I'm late I'm late" the cocktail was served both speedy and prompt. Christina Aguilera's Lady Marmalade song is music to my ears and the Alchemists Lady Marmalade Cocktail was also a big hit. Amongst plumes of smoke, the chase marmalade vodka really comes through without over powering your palate. Marmalade madness!

Alchemist Spinningfields Restaurant Review

The mixologists ‘Alchemy' converts an ordinary dining experience into a magical display with surprises and mystical illusions creating an atmospheric buzz that many venues would envy. This Easter we really did find the golden egg by discovering the Alchemist at Spinningfields! Admittedly, during my cocktail tastings I did not manage to find the universal elixir, a mythical portion that would have granted me external youth, but this only gives me an excuse to go back and perhaps try out a cocktail masterclass.

A final thank you goes out to our servers Sebastian, Roberto and Jake. Company PA Scarlett and finally Hannah and Jake part of the management team. Fellow bloggers and foodinistas, I hope you have enjoyed the article and you will have a fab time during you're upcoming visit to the Alchemist at Spinningfields.

Alchemist, 3 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3HF.
0161 817 2950


Monday 10.00am - 12.00am

Tuesday 10.00am - 12.00am

Wednesday 10.00am - 12.00am

Thursday 10.00am - 1.00am

Friday 10.00am - 02.00am

Saturday 10.00am - 02.00am

Sunday 10.00am - 11.00pm



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