May 24th, 2016

Summer Drinks At The Alchemist

By Sylvie Hall, Cotton Tales

Summer Drinks At The Alchemist

I love how when the sun shines and the weather is hot, every person in Britain rushes outside to bask in the glorious summer heat. Going to the local park is fun, but grass stains on white jeans and ants creeping all over your toes isn't always ideal. So if you're feeling fancy, or just want a chair to sit on, then head to the gorgeous terrace at The Alchemist in the Trinity Centre, Leeds.

I wandered down on Thursday, where a brilliant live saxophonist (wearing snakeskin cowboy boots!) improvised harmoniously along to a mix of house classics and balearic beats. With the warm evening rays casting a golden glow across the terrace and Aperol cocktails being served from the outside bar, it very much felt like i'd stepped into a holiday. Costa del Leeds, I think so.

Firstly... How cool are our cocktails!

The Alchemist use dry ice to create the steamy and foaming effects of their drinks... they end up looking like delicious bubbling lab experiments by ahem, an Alchemist of course.

Summer Drinks At The Alchemist Summer Drinks At The Alchemist

Then there's the food. Glorious food. We made our own tapas by ordering small plates from the starters menu and they did not disappoint. Prawn skewers, pulled pork bon bons, pop corn chicken and duck spring rolls came floating our way. Alas, they weren't around for long as we quickly tucked into them with gluttonous delight.

But then again, wouldn't you if you were served these...

Summer Drinks At The Alchemist

With rooftop views, delicious food and fabulous drinks, there really isn't a better place to spend a balmy evening in Leeds than The Alchemist... so, who's round is it first?




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