February 27th, 2017

Five Reasons To Visit Red Door's New Floor - 'The Study'

By Downtown in Business 

Five Reasons To Visit Red Door's New Floor - 'The Study'

Since opening in the city, Red Door, Berry St has been one of my ‘go to’ venues in Liverpool. With its welcoming bar area that’s often bustling with live music and its impressive terrace spot. Red Door pretty much has your night out covered.

Recently, the extremely popular venue introduced a new floor that’s filled with character – 'The Study’. I was lucky enough to attend the launch evening, and so here are a quick five reasons why I think you should pop in!


The Cocktail Menu

Red Door already offers an extensive choice of cocktails (and not just your usual cosmopolitans/daiquiris), as well as plenty of favourable drinks deals throughout the week. I was especially intrigued reading The Study’s new menu – some I would never have given a thought to trying before. Much to everyone’s delight, all are carefully chosen, delicious and different. You certainly won’t get bored whilst trying all of them and you probably won’t leave sober either!

The Decor

I don’t know about you, but a location with a good eye for decor is far more appealing to me when choosing a venue. The Study sets a statement of a classy, niche and individual setting, displaying eye-catching art situated in a rustic, candle lit lounge and bar area. What more do you really need?

Five Reasons To Visit Red Door's New Floor - 'The Study'

The Atmosphere

For a young professional in the city, this vibrant venue is just up my street. Why? The atmosphere. It’s stylistic, welcoming and a venue well worth your time. Providing excellent service, good sound and evolving constantly, the Study is a place well worth visiting.

The Music

To the taste of everyone, a young audience or ‘not so young’ audience – The Study offers you live music and a range of DJ’s. There is always a diverse variety of music styles being performed in the backdrop of the Study’s attractive surroundings, reflecting the overall mood of the venue and matching the diverse drink options, nothing is out of character here.

he Attention to Detail – An All-Rounder

Taking into consideration all the above points, it is the attention to detail that Red Door and The Study provides which makes them a ‘stand out’ site and it is why we at Downtown choose them as a top venue. The high level of hospitality is evident and the staff’s efforts and training to serve you with the adventurous drinks menu day in and day out, makes a real difference to your overall experience in this vivacious venue.

Five Reasons To Visit Red Door's New Floor - 'The Study'


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