June 22nd, 2017

Artisan Express Menu - Review

By What Sass Says 

Artisan Express Menu - Review

This summer, along with a nice seasonal menu change, Artisan have introduced an Express Lunch Menu. This is essentially a menu which allows you to choose a starter, a main and drink for just £9.95! The drink can be a 125ml glass wine, 1/2pint of beer or a soft drink. I have to say, I was very impressed with everything about the express lunch. From the menu, the speed at which is was brought to us, the service and the cost it was all amazing!

The Artisan Express Lunch Menu is great because you can come and enjoy it on your lunch break at work. It isn’t often that you can nip to a beautiful restaurant in your lunch hour, enjoy two courses and be back at your desk before the 60 minutes are up. So here are 5 reasons you need to come and visit Artisan on your lunch!

  1. The menu is only small so you don’t have to spend ages trying to decide what you would like. This is great for those like me who can literally spend hours staring at a menu wondering what to go for. There is something for every potential lunch dish you may be craving. There’s a salad, a steak, a pasta dish, a classic chicken dish and something a little different – the Seafood Thai red curry.
  2. You have the option for both courses to arrive simultaneously. This is great if you are in a rush as you really aren’t wasting any time between courses. If you have a bit more time it is fine to get them one after the other.
  3. The food is delicious but not oversized. There’s nothing worse than going back to your desk after lunch feeling completely stuffed. This often prompts an intense post lunch extreme tiredness. I always find it so much harder to concentrate with an overly full belly! The two courses are really nicely sized and light so I felt satisfied and nothing more returning to work.
  4. The food is amazing. Between us we had the Asparagus & Baby Kale with Minted Hollandaise and the Watermelon, Beetroot & Stilton Salad for starters and then the Asparagus and Mascarpone Ravioli and the Sea Food Thai Red Curry for mains. All four were so delicious, a huge shout out to the ravioli in particular. This dish was just so tasty and fresh. The meal also was beautiful in presentation with bright summery colours. My only complaint might be that the beetroot salad lacked a bit of flavour but everything else was just gorgeous.
  5. The cost. £9.95 is just fantastic value! I can’t believe how much food, drink and service we received for this price. Compared to the normal menu too this really is a great deal.





For the full menu for Artisan Express Lunch visit here.

Artisan Express Menu - Review Artisan Express Menu - Review


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