September 25th, 2015

Welcome Artisan's New Menu

By Yvonne Goldsmith-Rybka, Viva Magazine
Welcome Artisan's New Menu
We headed down to Artisan early Wednesday evening to give their new autumn menu a try. Set in a vast 12,000 square foot semi-industrial space on the first floor of The Avenue North, Spinningfields, the interior is impressively stylish yet warm and intimate too, definitely one for the cooler months. Their new menu lends itself to the onset of darker evenings with a new section of comforting sharing plates added to their ever popular range of pizzas and burgers.
Welcome Artisan's New Menu
On arrival the restaurant was full and it was only 6pm, so while we waited for our table we headed to the bar for some pre-dinner drinks. The cocktail list has been carefully put together but for me the best bars don't just stick to the list, so it was great to see the barman could tell I was undecided and offered me something more to my taste. I chose a rose martini which had just the right balance although fell just short of my favourite drink over at one of their many sister restaurants Australasia, their magnificent rose and lychee martini. Pauls' dirty martini also came up to par so it was definitely a good start all round.
Welcome Artisan's New Menu
Our cocktails were a great start to the meal
Looking at the menu it comes across as casual and accessible with enough variation to suit most diners; I did feel, however, that it lacked the direction of the drinks menu and could benefit from a bit more focus. Because of this it took us a while to order as we wanted to get a good all round feel of what's on offer, eventually settling on a few of the plates to start with a couple of their classic mains to follow. The wine list though is not too long, well thought out and well-priced; I had no hesitation in ordering here, their Spanish Rey Santo Verdejo a steal at just £22.

Salt & Pepper crackling had just the right crunch and flavours if slightly too greasy, it's a hard one to perfect and it's rare I find one that's spot on; the apple sauce accompaniment though was delicious and cut through the fat enough to mean we ate most of it! Chorizo with roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes packed a mean punch, although our favourite of the plates were the cauliflower fritters with saffron aioli, the cauliflower was beautifully cooked and the textures and flavours worked brilliantly.

For mains we ate the trio of sliders burgers, consisting of salt & pepper chicken, beef and pulled pork. They were all good burgers but it was a shame they all came in the same mini brioche bun as these became repetitive, this dish really needs different breads matched to each filling to make it come alive. The chips they were served with on the other hand were something else, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, I never forget a good chip! And finally chargrilled tuna steak with couscous, the tuna a wonderful piece of fish and cooked, or should I say just seared, to perfection.

For my first visit to Artisan I had a fantastic evening. The surroundings are lovely and the staff are friendly and professional, especially AGM Mathew Marshall who took the time to sit down with us and listen to our feedback. I will certainly be popping back (especially for the drinks) and I will keep my eye on their menu as it evolves and, I have no doubt, goes from strength to strength.



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Set in a vast 12, 000 square foot, semi-industrial space on the first floor of The Avenue North in Spinningfields. Cooking goes back to basics in the fire, this is casual dining at its best. Think artist's loft studio meets concrete warehouse: stripped back and raw. Showcasing sculptures, murals, art installations.

Open all day, everyday, serving brunch on weekends as well as lacing the city with music and drink into the night.