March 10th, 2016

Artisan Invites Anna McNeil To Create Appetisers For The Heart And Mind

By After Nyne,


Thanks to its cool industrial-style design and spacious 12,000sqft interiors, Manchester's Artisan is the ideal venue to get inspired by modern works of art. The latest exhibition on display is from artist Anna McNeil, who's work comes to life in Artisan's cool contemporary space.

McNeil's collection, which is on show until 1st July, was inspired by the concept of memory as a dynamic and creative process. Her paintings reflect on autobiographical and emotional memory, considering themes of intimacy, unity and isolation in human relationships. "The images show representations of people but they are not painted as portraits, rather as metaphors for the memory of a feeling," says the artist.

Opened in June 2013 Artisan's spacious interior has always been filled with works of art - such as the current collection from Anna McNeil. In a nod to the city's creative tradition and Manchester's lively contemporary art scene, much of the work exhibited in the space is sourced from local artists. While some pieces are sold, others take up permanent residence, creating an embracing and welcoming ambience.

In addition to the inspiring artworks, Artisan also offers a delectable selection of food and drink. Embracing the heart and soul of Manchester's manufacturing traditions, the focal point of the dining experience is the two wood-fired ovens that are used to cook much of the food. This handmade sensibility extends to the drinks menu too, with craft beers, earthy wines and luscious cocktail creations on offer.

Open until midnight, the restaurant's blend of bucolic values and high culture aims to give visitors a feeling of inclusiveness without the wearying effect of familiarity.


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Set in a vast 12, 000 square foot, semi-industrial space on the first floor of The Avenue North in Spinningfields. Cooking goes back to basics in the fire, this is casual dining at its best. Think artist's loft studio meets concrete warehouse: stripped back and raw. Showcasing sculptures, murals, art installations.

Open all day, everyday, serving brunch on weekends as well as lacing the city with music and drink into the night.