May 16th, 2011

Australasia Down Under in Manchester

Australasia Down Under in Manchester

"Manchester's got everything except a beach" – the Stone Roses inimitable front-man, Ian Brown once said.  But golden sands and rolling surf weren't the only things missing, until now that is.  
Tim Bacon – Managing Director of the Living Ventures Group – certainly knows about giving the people of Manchester what they want. Blackhouse Grills, Gusto, The Alchemist and historically The Living Room are just a few of the brands he's created.  He's not about to put his feet up though. True to form, Tim's at it again. And this time it's personal.

Raised in Australia, Tim has long dreamed of bringing a slice of his homeland to Manchester, the place he's called home for 18 years.  He is taking what he loves most about the food and the feel he was brought up with in cities like Sydney and Melbourne to create Australasia. This is as far removed from a stereotypical Aussie themed hangout as Mad Max is from Downton Abbey!  It promises to be a stylish and popular venue but without a hint of pretence. Its laid back feel ensuring it is somewhere people genuinely want to be – not just to be seen at.

A million miles away from anything else in Manchester, Australasia is a perfect antidote to stuffy fine dining attitudes.  It isn't bound by tradition or a set of ideas about how an ingredient should be cooked, what it goes with or how it should be served and award winning chef and former young Australian chef of the year, Paul Greening, epitomises this ethos perfectly.  Modern Australian cuisine combines Pacific Rim flavour with strong European foundations, a blend of Indonesian and Southeast Asian influences. Its strong ties with China and Japan have also helped determine the style of cooking, particularly the Japanese desire for perfection.

Equally concerned with perfection, Tim has been involved with every aspect of the distinctive design and is supported by a talented and award winning team of designers – Trevor Johnson, Ed Picket and Michelle Derbyshire.  Intriguing from the outside and beautiful within, the bespoke glass entrance on Spinningfields Square, Deansgate, is sure to catch the eye, sweeping guests downstairs to the irresistible charms of the restaurant's amazing cuisine and relaxed ambience. With a 3 am licence on Friday and Saturday, the late night bar will boast a compelling list of signature cocktails, an impressive wine list and electrifying guest DJs to keep the party going. 

In Tim's own words: "I'm aiming at a bit of cool, downtown Sydney, down under in Manchester!"  Manchester may still not have a beach, but thankfully it will have Australasia – offering a stylish but laid back slice of Australian life.

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A menu of Pacific Rim flavours underpinned by European cooking tradition, an exotic blend of Indonesian and Southeast Asian influences. Australia's strong ties with Japan also help determine taste and style.