September 9th, 2015

Australasia – “Exquisite in every expect”

By Gill,Zest
Australasia – “Exquisite in every expect”
Situated in the heart of Manchester, Australasia was the setting for what was going to be a very memorable evening. Greeted by a friendly member of staff at the booking desk we were shown straight to our reserved table. As a party of 11 we were separated into 2 booths that provided a personal environment without a detachment from the overall atmosphere. Although we loved our position we felt a little cramped as a table of 6 adults but this wasn't going to dampen our evening. The setting was great, very contemporary and there were at least 1 or 2 celebs in the house, mentioning no names...

We ordered around 25 dishes from pages 2 and 3 of the menu but this proved no problem. All starters and subsequently mains arrived together and all in good time, something we had always had a problem with elsewhere, especially with such a large party to feed. Elements of each dish were explained as they were served; the staff proving extremely knowledgeable not only regarding the menu but also the ingredients and cooking processes. The Pork Wantons were exceptional and seemed to melt in the mouth, being expertly spiced as were the Beef Skewers. Our Calamari was very well prepared and cooked perfectly. The Lamb Cutlets were the best I've ever tasted; moist and succulent and again cooked to perfection. All of the dishes were immaculately presented with amazing attention to detail despite how busy the kitchen was.

The staff were attentive and helpful but not over bearing; all friendly and good natured whilst still remaining highly professional. The glass walled kitchen was a great focal point and gave diners the opportunity to see exactly the level of care and attention that was placed into every dish.

A visit to Australasia, Manchester is highly recommended. I've eaten in some of the most acclaimed restaurants and never scored anything above an 8, that score being extremely hard to come by in my book however this experience definitely deserves an 8.5 if not more. By far the best restaurant I've ever been to, Australasia was exquisite in every aspect.


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A menu of Pacific Rim flavours underpinned by European cooking tradition, an exotic blend of Indonesian and Southeast Asian influences. Australia's strong ties with Japan also help determine taste and style.