November 13th, 2013

Mochas & Mojitos at The Botanist Trinity

Mochas & Mojitos at The Botanist Trinity

I love cocktails. It's a fact. Any chance I get to have one in my hand and I am all over that like a rash. So when somebody suggested Ale Tasting to me my first thought was right, how do I un-friend this crazy fool.
Given that I am one to try things at least once it didn't take much twisting of my arm to get me to go along to the Ale Tasting master class at Botanist. Well in total honesty, it wasn't the ale that got me along it was the fact it was alcohol inside one of my favourite bars in the city so I would have been silly to say no.

We arrived midday on a Wednesday, some might say too early in the day to get on the beers but given that I am my own boss I had the per- fect excuse to get stuck right in.
We were introduced to our Beer Guru (yes, that was his official name, it was on his business card and everything but maybe not his birth certificate!) and shown to one of the relaxed benches in the restau- rant area.

On the table there were lots of glasses along with containers filled with all kinds of things.

After a short introduction we got down to business. Luckily my plus one was much more clued up on ale and actually had some intelligent questions to ask whilst I just nodded and smiled appropriately...all the while thinking ok when can I drink this.

Reluctantly (ok it wasn't, I was gasping) I sipped the first drink which was called Nutty Black and was surprised that it tasted lovely. To me, when I think of ale I automatically think beer belly, warm dregs in a can and nothing feminine and tasty comes to mind. But, first drink in and it was looking like I was ready to be converted to the dark side.

The drinks served to us for the tasting increased by percentage, get- ting stronger as we went along. There was a lot on offer during the afternoon, including German beers like the Schneider Weisse selec- tion and beers from around the world. Out of the many we tried, I would say I really enjoyed 80% of them which was 80% more than I expected to enjoy. The master class really opened my eyes (and taste buds!) to ale and I can honestly say my opinion has changed. Gone are the days when drinking ale is just for men, I hereby declare this is now something all women should drink and can do so whilst remaining classy. The Botanist will serve your ale in ladylike glasses with a stem to help avoid it warming up at the bottom and also make your subcon- scious not feel the need to rush the drink! If I am honest by the end of the afternoon we were both very merry.

Our knowledge of ale was now up from 1 out 10 to around 8 out of 10 and I was ready to take on the world of ale and share my knowledge. So, if you are Who Wants to be a Millionaire and you get asked about ale, you know who to call! So if you are looking for an alternative activity to do with your friends then this is one I would highly recommend but be sure to leave your car at home, you will definitely be over the limit as there are so many different ales to taste.

Here are the different packages:

Ale / Beer Tasting - £15 per person. It's all about the beers and the ales here! Each session lasts about 90 minutes and gives you the op- portunity to taste and discuss up to eight different beers and ales from our repertoire!

Ale / Beer Tasting and Deli Board - £20 per person. This includes all of option one plus a selection of tasters from our Deli Boards. Please see our Food Menu for more details.

Ale / Beer Tasting and BBQ - £25 per person. This includes every- thing from option one plus a freshly made burger or a chicken or veg- etable Hanging Kebab.

Words by Laura Bartlett


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