March 27th, 2012

Barchick Recommend The Oast House

Barchick Recommend The Oast House

Think ski chalet/hunting lodge complete with a wrought iron roof and exposed brickwork outbuildings… nestled in the heart of the city, this place is cool and a little different. If you are hungry or just wanting somewhere chilled to hang out before you hit the city hard, then look no further, it’s the happy halfway between a pub, a restaurant and a bar.

Get stuck into the wine or hit the beers. With wheat, fruit and ales (amongst others) on offer, you can lounge on an animal fur whilst you work your way through the lot. It's also about the food and the pianist in here: the guy on the piano was going for it, nailing some classics, and it was only a Tuesday.

The food is great, kick off with the deli boards (sharing is caring, right?). Then it’s a massive toss-up between a whole chicken off the rotisserie or a hanging kebab (not your average Alsatian meat, don’t worry. Enjoy this haven, it's great.

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