July 26th, 2013

Review: Grill on the Edge

Solid, honest & simple. Proper food. Job done.

Review: Grill on the Edge

Alderley Edge is well known for being a popular destination for dining out, with footballers, actors and well-heeled executives all flocking to the village to be make sure they've been seen outside the likes of Grill on the Edge on London Road. And, let's face it: who wouldn't want to be seen there?

On a hot summer's day (such as when we visited) there can be nothing better than to spend an afternoon relaxing with friends in the Great British outdoors! Of course, it'd be only right for So Cheshire to make sure that the food lives up to our own celebrity status, so we jumped at the chance to give it a go!

Before the meal itself, we sampled two gorgeous cocktails - the 'safe territory' of a Pina Colada was a great choice and amply refreshing for the weather. Next came the more adventurous choice of a Smokey Old Fashioned, which arrived in a transparent jug containing the misty fog of a smokey vapor, kept inside the jug by a napkin which prevented it from escaping. The smokier you'd like your drink to be, the longer you must leave the napkin in place, but it became too tempting after a short while and pouring the drink over the ice ball inside the tumbler simply added to the theatre of this drink - as did with the amazing aroma drifting from the jug even once the liquid had been decanted.

Whilst we continued to enjoy our cocktails, we were served warm bread and then our starters. Opting for the Baked Camembert, we were pleasantly surprised at the generous size of our starters, while we enjoyed the creamy warmth of the cheese coated in chopped nuts and studded with delicate herbs. The dish came served with cranberries and toasted bread, which added to the texture and the sweetness of the cranberries balanced out the savoury flavours.

For the main course, I found myself drawn to the 'Best of British' menu which presently features Charolais beef - a breed known for producing top quality cuts and the first continental breed of cattle to be introduced to Britain, revolutionising our beef industry. The sirloin is a must-try, mainly because it's always a particular favourite of mine due to its ability to give just the right amount of marbling to provide flavour whilst still being succulent and juicy enough to provide an ideal texture. Anyway, the sirloin steak I enjoyed at Grill on the Edge certainly did its job superbly, with as much rich flavour as any I've ever had, beautifully seared on the grill.

We made a decision to give the surf and turf option a go - I chose Garlic King Prawns - and whilst I'm very particular about seafood (like most people are, I imagine) the skewer packed with prawns did win me over quite easily and somehow seemed to make it into a proper summertime dish - ideal for one of those not-so-light lunches or that unbeatable evening meal outside in the sun. The addition of Mixed Summer Greens also went down a treat and the gentle seasoning ensured they were as irresistible as the course they accompanied.

Finally, it's an unshakable rule that there must always be room for dessert and the range of choices on offer will certainly make you glad this is the case! After a slight moment of indecision I opted for the Rhubarb Fool, which came served with two crunchy, honey and ginger feuilles de brick. This is another reliable classic served with the same degree of finesse as the rest of the meal and capped things off nicely to conclude the meal.

So, the food equaled all the ambition and anticipation of its reputation and the cocktails comfortably set the scene for a very enjoyable experience. The service was unfalteringly attentive and impressively subtle during the meal. Praise is especially deserving for the knowledge and enthusiasm behind all of the recommendations we were given - these meant we made more informed selections but also took away a little background to the provenance of our food.  

Here's the rundown of the courses I had for my meal, but do let us know if you've visited Grill on the Edge and what you'd recommend too!

COCKTAIL: Smokey Old Fashioned (£7.50)

NIBBLES: Warm Baked Loaf (£3.00)

STARTERS: Baked Camembert (£6.00)

BEST OF BRITISH: Charolais Sirloin (£30.00)

SKEWER: Garlic King Prawns (£5.00)

VEGETABLES: Mixed Summer Greens (£4.85)

DESSERT: Rhubarb Fool (£5.50)

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Solid, honest and simple proper food. Job done.

We focus on no nonsense food; specialising in wholesome ingredients, mixing distinctive textures and flavours that just work together, offering a mix of innovative dishes with comfortable favourites.