August 24th, 2016

The Grill On The Square - Review

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A lovely friend of, actually an amazingly lovely friend of mine told me recently that Blackhouse in Leeds is really good for Date Night.

Date Night?

If you're up to date with my blog then you'll already know that my response to this was always going to be,

"Date night? What's that?"

Myself and the Hubby don't really do "us time" anymore - any outings we have these days happen during the day - before the set rituals of bedtime - and always involve two kiddies, a pram, a suitcase sized bag & plenty of toys and snacks in tow.

Even today, our fifth wedding anniversary is kiddie packed and work crammed.

But there's no other way I would want it to be.

And so, luckily for us, Blackhouse recognise the importance of this "family life" lark as much as it does those date nights and it caters for both equally as well.

A few Sunday's ago we popped along and all enjoyed an amazing Sunday lunch there - a meal which has left me able to say quite safely, that it was one of the best Sunday dinners I've ever had.

Oh yes, it was that good - blooming outstanding.

I have to admit though, before we went I was a little nervous about waltzing into such a glitzy-glam venue with all of our luggage trailing behind us but I need not have worried - the staff were lovely.

From the second we stepped through the door everyone was so accommodating and friendly and we were quickly whisked over to to our table - a table already set up for us with a Willow sized high chair ready and waiting.

The Grill On The Square - Review


Such a small gesture but one which really helped make us feel expected and wanted which set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.


Once we were all seated I was able to have a little browse of the menu and a nose around at my surroundings.

The decor was simply stunning - all chic and trendy - there was certainly a very classy feel to the place which was emphasised even more once the live pianist began to play...

The Grill On The Square - Review

And then once the food began to arrive, well, trust me when I say the quality of it matched the decor perfectly on the amazingness level.

There was yummy garlic bread - unlike any we've had before, all salty and extra fresh...

The Hubby, being the food-loving guy that he is, opted for a chicken skewer starter too...

And then the mains arrived...

Beef for the hubby...

The Grill On The Square - Review

Pork for the son...

and Chicken for myself...

I mean seriously, this has really spoilt any other meat and veg dish for me now because I reckon I'll be hard pushed to find one like it again.

The meat was really tender and very well cooked plus there was so much of it; the side dishes of vegetables were plentiful and tasty and those Yorkshire puddings - oh yes - delicious.

Willow enjoyed the odd spoonful here and there too alongside her own lunch...

Well she is my daughter - never one to miss out on the grub that one.

And then - dessert time.

I had to resist the pull of the calories though - I'm still not sure how that Peanut Butter, Honeycomb & Toffee Mess (yum!) remained un-ordered but it did...

Instead I looked on (sob) whilst the Hubby and son enjoyed theirs - the Hubby a Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice-cream...

The Grill On The Square - Review

...and the son "the best chocolate fudge cake ever" - warm and with ice-cream...
(this is his favourite dessert of all time)

I really can't fault anything about Blackhouse or it's food at all - everything was spot on...but perhaps a dish of mash would have excelled everything all the more...or maybe that's just me.

I had a lovely afternoon and can't wait to venture to Blackhouse again


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