April 1st, 2012

Best of British at Blackhouse

Featured Steak - Longhorn

Best of British at Blackhouse

To say that we have had ‘our people’ on ‘The Longhorn’ case for many years is no word of a lie. In truth it’s been our mission to serve (what some may only describe as) the Holy Grail of beef since we began our Best of British campaign. And so, without further ado, we give you The Longhorn!

Longhorns are one of the first domestic cattle that date back to the 1700’s, and are well suited to an extensive (opposite to intensive) farming approach, thriving outside all year round. The Longhorn are also responsible for helping to put British beef on the map from their modest northern post of Craven. Their physical appearance is pretty unique too, with refined long horns (no kidding, Sherlock), and mottled chestnutty grey and cream markings.

So, how does it taste? A well prepared Longhorn carcass will feature attractive fat marbling qualities that act to enrich the flavour profile of the beef during its cooking. Without a doubt, this is most certainly one to experience.

Available at all Blackhouse restaurants throughout April.

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