March 29th, 2017

Grand Pacific - The Best Place To Eat And Drink

By Emerald Street 

Grand Pacific - The Best Place To Eat And Drink
Grand Pacific

The face a dog pulls when you’re dangling a piece of bacon above their head. That is the exact face most of Manchester has been pulling ever since Living Ventures revealed they’d acquired 81 King Street – better known as the Reform Club. And the opening of Grand Pacific was worth the wait; inside, it’s lavish, decadent, opulent, and pinch-me gorgeous. They’ve retained all the grandeur of the original space (high ceilings, stone fireplaces, huge windows), while adding a lot of pineapples (it’s a symbol of hospitality and prosperity as well as a current lamp trend). The menu – “a mesmeric voyage of tastes from distant shores” – features delights such as Asian-spiced duck cottage pie, tea-smoked salmon, and lamb massaman curry, and yet more pineapple in the form of salsas and sauces. This is one to get excited about.
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Grand Pacific is a restaurant bar concept located in a landmark building at the top of King Street. Colonial inspired grand interior meets a relaxed old world charm and a relaxed atmosphere for Great service and food in a casual environment.