August 25th, 2011

Haiti Fundraiser at Gusto supporting relief efforts in Haiti

Haiti Fundraiser at Gusto supporting relief efforts in Haiti

GUSTO Newcastle will be hosting a lunch to support our waiter Andrea Porcu and the relief efforts he devotes his time to in Haiti.

Since the earthquake back in January 2010 people found their lives completely devastated and the recovery is still taking place.

Andrea, who works for GUSTO, was raised in Italy by a large Christian Catholic family who instilled in him the importance of brotherhood and sharing.

His spirit for adventure, discovering new cultures and traveling took him to Haiti where has has spent time volunteering.

Much of his efforts have been focused on helping the children who risk malnutrition, disease, trafficking, sexual exploitation and serious emotional trauma.

He says, “I felt a natural urge to do something for the quake stricken nation, I was shocked by the suffering, people are lacking even the most basic things but it is the children of Haiti’s future I am especially concerned about.”

Through this lunch we aim to raise awareness of the fantastic work Andrea does and help fund his latest project to improve conditions at the orphanage Rousse Ecole.

Along with the charity Living Water they plan to expand the building, where possible reunite the children with their families and provide them with education and support.

Tickets are £20 which includes a complimentary drink and two course menu with GUSTO favorites such as Cannellini bean soup, lake trout with Russian potato salad and our famous ‘‘Bombolini’ homemade mini donuts with chocolate sauce to choose from.

There will also be a fantastic raffle and entertainment with £5 from all the ticket sales and all proceeds from the raffle will go straight to help Haiti.

Notes to editors:

We would love support from your organisation in any way you could offer, whether this be by donating a raffle prize, attending the event or simply featuring us in your publication.
For more information or tickets please contact business development manager Jen Winterbottom on 07896 880153 or 0191 260 2291 or email

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