July 12th, 2012

Living Ventures Summer Party

Another successful year at Living Ventures was celebrated by throwing our legendary summer party, organised by the lovely Mrs B. 

The theme for the evening was ‘Stone Age’ and everybody made a huge effort and looked great. We had the likes of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, cartoon like dinosaurs and a yeti cross caveman... if there ever was such a thing.

Living Ventures Summer Party

The grub on the night was organised by our Chef Director and team which included a scrumptious hog roast with all the trimmings and crackling which fed the hungry carnivores amongst us. This was followed by an amazing spread of fresh fruit, rocky road, Pavlova, giant profiteroles, you name it and it was there! 

Living Ventures Summer Party

Genre music supplied the acts for the evening, the music was fantastic and kept everyone dancing all night long. There was ‘Fish’ the percussionist also known as Michael Fish, the guy who played the bongo drums on Britain’s Got Talent, Phunk Phenomena and the dancers ‘Movema’... a brilliant mix of live entertainment!

Living Ventures Summer Party

Every year all of the restaurant’s performances are assessed and the best are awarded for; General Manager of the year, Head Chef of the year, best service scan and best training unit.  The winners on the night were:

General Manager of the year for Blackhouse – The Grill on the Corner, Louise Ralston
Head Chef of the year for Blackhouse – The Hale Grill, Anthony Wibble
General Manager of the year for Gusto – Didsbury, Anthea Hassiakos
Head Chef of the year for Gusto – Alderley Edge, Seamus O’Donnell
Best Service Scan – Olive Press Liverpool
Best Training Unit – The Grill on Newgate Street, Chester.

Living Ventures Summer Party

Despite the weather, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with great company, food, entertainment and of course drink!

A big thank you to Mrs B for a great evening and to Craig Johns and crew for all their hard work.

Here’s to the next one...

To view all photos from the night please click here.


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