November 3rd, 2016

Review: Manchester House, Manchester

By Emerald Street

Review: Manchester House, Manchester

Manchester House

18-22 Bridge Street, SPinningfields, M3




Generally speaking, we’re a generation of fast eaters. We stuff oats into mason jars to eat on our commute, grab a hurried lunch or eat a salad at our desks, and often forego our evening meal altogether in favour of a gym class and/or cocktails. So food that stops you in your tracks and forces you to savour every single chew is quite a treat indeed. The team behind Manchester House – Living Ventures restaurant group and head chef Aiden Byrne – wanted to make fine dining a touch more accessible. Although this is still a destination we’d earmark for a special occasion, its naked wooden tables don’t intimidate in the way a white tablecloth would. No, we have no idea how you foam foie gras or dehydrate a white chocolate mousse, but that’s all part of the fun of one of the best dining experiences in the country.
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When you approach Tower 12 in Spinningfields Manchester, it looks like a very normal city tower, don’t be fooled. Inside lies a very special experience for both food lovers and lovers of a life with a view. Two stunning independently different environments. The Lounge on level 12 and the Restaurant by Aiden Byrne on level 2.