October 23rd, 2018

REVIEW: Sunset by Australasia, Manchester - 'A refreshing twist'

By FIFTY FOUR AND COUNTING, 5 September 2018

REVIEW: Sunset by Australasia, Manchester - 'A refreshing twist'

Spinningfields appears to be the hottest spot right now in the centre of Manchester.

You can tell this by the new buildings that are springing up, the eateries and the many fine restaurants that find their homes in this part of the city.

So when I heard about Sunset by Australasia Manchester located at the rear of Australasia I was intrigued. Especially as I was hearing about something called a Bento Box.

Service of the Bento Box is available all-day for dining from noon until 6 pm. According to Google, it’s popular apparently in Japan and is like a lunch box with a mix of dishes.

When we arrived I was really taken by the decor with whitewashed timber tables, light pinks and peach colours, flowers, cushions and a real beach outdoor feel.

There was literally an air about it!

REVIEW: Sunset by Australasia, Manchester - 'A refreshing twist'

I can’t say that sitting on the benches with cushions was the most comfortable or my kind of thing, but chairs existed on the other side of the table so everyone is catered for. The soft furnishings are clearly a major part of this design by a creative team with flair, passion and attention to detail. It’s certainly bright and colourful.

We started with Miso Soup… absolutely delicious and is included free with the Bento Box to follow.

Think Tapas and you start to understand what to expect when it comes to a Bento Box.

REVIEW: Sunset by Australasia, Manchester - 'A refreshing twist'

The selections are all unique, fresh and offer 9 or 15 dishes for the larger appetite or to share.

Even the cocktails were unusual, but I’ll not spoil this really refreshing addition to the Manchester scene, by describing all the dishes and drinks... i’ll let you check them out for yourself.

REVIEW: Sunset by Australasia, Manchester - 'A refreshing twist'

It’s trendy, a place to see and be seen. It has heating outdoors too, so you’ll be fine showing off the tan if you have one.

They do afternoon teas and boy do they look and sound good too.

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Designed by award-winning interior designer Michelle Derbyshire, Australasia’s terrace and bar has been transformed into a breathtaking Pacific paradise in the heart of Spinningfields, where an exquisite sunshine-infused selection of sushi and deliciously light Asian fusion dishes bring an indulgent vibe to the all day dining menu.