October 14th, 2013

Discover & Escape Review The Alchemists' Cocktail Masterclasses

Discover & Escape Review The Alchemists' Cocktail Masterclasses

By Discover & Escape

Cocktail making (Mixology to be precise) is having a resurgence like no other. It makes sense of course - why arrange a formal dinner party when you could have an entertaining evening of cocktails? Why order Champagne when you could be ordering a beautifully crafted drink tailored to your personal taste?

The reasons are all there but unfortunately the knowledge and skill aren't always present, that's where The Alchemist comes in, whether embarking on a quest for the perfect cocktail with friends or seeking out an impressive date spot, The Alchemist has it covered in a unique yet decidedly familiar style.

The Alchemist's menu plays host to a beautiful array of cocktails, ranging from traditional twists to entirely new creations crafted by the highly skilful in-house mixologists. It would be near impossible not to ponder the ingredients and recipes that go in to some of the more complex creations which is where The Cocktail Masterclass fits in so perfectly...

There are three different variations on the class and packages are available for 6 - 20 people with restaurant reservations available for before or after. We went along as a small group and decided to eat in the restaurant afterwards, as a sort of reward for our not so elegant drink mixing... It's certainly worth noting that those new to mixology, will leave the masterclass with newfound respect/awe for those who so effortlessly blend vast amounts of ingredients in to the delightfully tasty cocktails we adore.

The Masterclass begins with each group member selecting a drink from the tempting menu and learning more of its history and technique. Then it's time to step behind the bar and make the drink with the Mixologist's expert guidance. With the menu comprising of so many varying styles and types of cocktail the mixing of the cocktail can change greatly. The Alchemist aptly places focus on the more theatrical areas of cocktail making using all forms of gadgets and never before seen devices in the mixing process. A firm favourite amongst our group was The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a cocktail for two, made up of St Germain, Elderflower Liquer and Cointreau amongst others all boiled over a Bunsen burner and served warm in smoking tea cups - a sure fire way to impress!

Whether taking The Masterclass for pleasure with a group of friends or embarking on a quest to further your knowledge of mixology you won't be disappointed. Despite our previously none existent cocktail skills we came away from the class having had great fun yet also equipped with newfound knowledge and a fascinating insight in to the history and future of the art form. We cannot recommend The Masterclass enough and we will certainly be returning, in part for the delicious post class fajitas...

Bookings for The Cocktail Masterclass start from £25 per person and can be made from The Alchemist's website:


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