March 27th, 2012

Barchick Recommend The Alchemist

Barchick Recommend The Alchemist

This place is both pretty and cool, well it is sister to Australasia so it’s to be expected. It’s more on the smart side of the Manchester scene: big, well lit bar, dainty lights hanging in the long windows and lots of things to feast your eyes on (including some bartenders). In summer, if it’s not p*ssing it down with rain you can chill outside in one of the table booths, but even if it is, there are massive umbrellas so who cares, at least you can smoke and be seated – tick tick.

The food and the drinks get a big yes from us. The brunches won’t disappoint, think Eggs Benedict or waffles American stylee, plus they have flowering teas – perfect for if you’re hanging or healthy. Stay for lunch: Thai curry, fish finger sandwich, fajitas… take your pick.

Drinking? Obvs… well think molecular techniques and carefully crafted libations… these boys aren’t afraid to experiment/show-off. Definitely order up the Smokey Old Fashioned, with Woodford Reserve, maple syrup and bitters… but this baby ain't done yet, it is then smoked using a go-go gadget boy-toy and it looks and tastes awesome. The Lavender & Coconut Daiquiri is also pretty inventive, with Bacardi Oro, Koko Kanu, coconut cream, lime juice and pineapple juice, it’s topped with an incredible lavender foam which BarChick had sprayed into her mouth, not so classy but do it.

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The Alchemist is open for morning coffee, brunch, lunch and dinner offering  everything Living Ventures are renowned for – excellent service, innovative cocktails and great food.